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We're more than just bulldozers and excavators...
& Hardscaping
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From terracing to elegant curving walkways, flower beds to natural stone steps, we can add the right look to your project for that extra touch of refinement.  No matter how difficult your work area, we can find the solution to make it beautiful.

Retaining Walls, Swimdecks and Patios
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Cultured stone and architectural block walls, textured concrete and specialty cut edging are all daily projects for our crew.  Custom edging for shaped pools, curving walks, cobbled borders, bluestone capping and more are available to dress your home or business in its elegant best.

Paver Systems,
Patios, & Walkways
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We specialize in installing pavers and cobbled walkways that will far outlast the others.  Our specialists cut and mold numerous patterns and styles to make your entries, patios, firepit surrounds, and walkways in eye-catching and stunning statements of refinement.

Excavating, French Drains, Ponds, & Land Clearing

Of course, we do a lot of excavating, too.  From the smallest digs across delicate yards in tight spaces to large scale earth moving, we have the equipment and skill to do it quickly and do it right.  From small machine work specialized to move over lawns without causing damage to large scale ledgestone removal, we have the tools for it all.

Masonry, Foundations,
& Cultured Stone
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Foundations, poured walls, dry-stack block, sidewalks, pillars, cultured stone facing and more are all available for you to create the perfect look. 

We can transform simple facades into magazine cover photo entrances.  

Plumbing, Electrical, & Utilities

We're not just specialists in big digs, but rather a full service for natural gas, electric, propane and plumbing needs.  Pool heating installation,

AC, Heating, watering systems, emergency generators and more are all covered.  If you need it done, we're ready to make it happen.

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